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Caring Committee Program on Mourning

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Mapping the Journey: The Mourner & the Soul

Losing someone dear catapults us into a liminal place. In a sense, “we are lost.”

Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky has combined her experience as a clinical social worker, artist and rabbi to make a map to assist in finding one’s way through mourning. It is composed of four panels in Jewish ritual time: Aninut, Shiva, Sheloshim and Yahrtzeit. The book articulates each vignette on the map. Not only are the meanderings of the mourner described, but also, according to Jewish tradition, the whereabouts of the soul.




Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky 

Mapping the Journey: The Mourner & The Soul is available on

“A treasure both visually and verbally. Its images and words evoke and invite in a way that is both simple and deep - a powerful combination.”

February 6th, 2019 7:30 PM   through   9:00 PM
Oneg Room
United States

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