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Learn How You can ACT NOW in our Community

Next SHOC (Shir Hadash Organizing Committee) Meeting, Shir Hadash: Sunday May 19th at 11:30 am [following Congregational meeting]




Sunday, April 28, 2019

3-6 PM @ PACT Office

To sign up for the workshop:

or email: pactsj@pactsjorg


The larger PACT organization has decided that we need to focus on belonging and bridging. THey worked with a group at UC Berkeley.  Groups of ten with a facilitator. They will have four meetings OF 90 MINUTES. There is a structure for the facilitator to follow. “Learn how you can hold a Belong Circle to build relationships across differences to create a community where truly #WEALLBELONG




Anti-Hate including Anti-Semitism (AHiAS) Sub-Committee
Four Approaches


Important Note: AHiAS platform does not address “bullying.” While these issues sometimes overlap, they do not always do so.
1. Education
Campaign school boards in Santa Clara County to mandate a school-wide curriculum that creates an Anti-Hate (including Anti-Semitism) environment in the schools with respect to administrators, teachers and students.
Further Research:
1. Determine existing age-appropriate programs that are adequate or could be modified e.g., “No place for hate” for high schoolers.
2. Identify schools where such a curriculum/program has been successful
3. For those schools identified in #2 above, determine the drivers that led to the program being introduced.
Next Steps:
1. Identify and engage partners to form coalition.
2. Identify programs that would could be presented to school officials
3. Determine a local “pilot school” that could be used as a test case.
2. Rapid Response Teams
Expand SHOC reach by training activists and forming Rapid Response Teams regarding how to respond to anti-semitism (understanding anti-semitism in relation to BDS, BLM, Israel, Palestinians, apartheid, Nazism, United Nations…).
Further Research:
1. Talk to the people to formed the ICE rapid response teams to see how they started and organized it and is it working.
2. Meet with schools, perhaps starting with SCC district office of education to find out how they handle hate speech and crimes. Is their a county policy? Same with the colleges.
Next Steps:
1. Identify and engage partners to form coalition.
2. Put together a one-page handout defining anti semitism.
3. Allies
Take actions resulting in CSH social justice partners and allies formally issuing statements of
alignment with AHiAS platform. Become better allies to support each other’s issues.
Further Research:
1. Determine which of existing partners and allies already have issued statements, and what
they are.
Next Steps:
1. Draft statement.
2. Identify actions to be taken.
4. Legislation
Campaign state government to enact anti-hate speech legislation and enact mandatory hate incident reporting to the State Attorney General who shall issue an annual public Report to the Governor on Hate Incident Statistics.
Further research:
1. Talk to Bend the Arc about their Reject White Nationalism congressional campaign.
2. Identify and document other examples of legislative anti-hate efforts.
Next Steps:
1. Identify and engage partners to form coalition.
2. Draft coalition goals and proposed legislation.
3. Meet with government representatives.












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Join us to learn what you can do to respond to the threat of ICE in our communities by legal observation. To learn more, please email




​​Santa Clara: 408-290-1144   |   San Francisco: 415-200-1548   |   San Mateo: 203-666-4472   |   Alameda: 510-241-4011   |   Monterey: 831-643-5225   |   Fresno: 559-978-4797   |   Sacramento: 916-245-6773   |   Santa Cruz: 831-239-4289   |   ​​Santa Clara: 408-290-1144   |   San Francisco: 415-200-1548




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Join us to collect signatures for 

Schools + Communities First! 

Come to the PACT office (1100 Shasta Ave., San Jose) to pick up + drop off forms.

For more information, please contact




Únete a nosotros para recoger firmas para

Escuelas + Comunidades Primero!

Venga a la oficina de PACT (1100 Shasta Ave., San Jose) para recoger o dejar formularios.

Para obtener más información, por favor envíe un correo electrónico



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PACT: People Acting in Community Together

1100 Shasta Avenue | San Jose, CA 95126

Phone: (408) 998-8001     |












Santa Clara County Rapid Response Network is Live! 

Have you been meaning to participate in PACT's Rapid Response Training but the dates haven't been good? Have you been hoping they would have a training geared for the Jewish community?

Upcoming Trainings

Sign up for a training:


(See below for Dispatcher Training, if you have completed Rapid Response Training and you are bilingual) 

Santa Clara County MigraWatch Rapid Response
Training by Pangea Legal Services, Sacred Heart Community Service & PACT: People Acting in Community Together, with many partners!

If you've already attended training for more info and 

Would like to attend Dispatcher Training

Would like to be a Rapid Responder

Would like to be a Dispatcher (to receive calls from community members, bilingual required)

 Invite others to register and get trained

Call: (408) 998-8001



Interested in training to being an Immigrant First Responder?

Contact: Rabbi Aron
Can’t be a First Responder and want to be involved? Other ways immigrant support is needed:
Food, morale or driving (children to school, etc)
Family preparedness - helping with an emergency plan, filling out documents, child placement, etc.
Know your Rights Training - English, and Bilingual
That's just a small sampling of the help they need.  If you are unable to be on the Rapid Response Team but would like to help, please contact:
Rosa DeLeong, Sacred Heart

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