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Adult Discussion

Adult Study Options:

Difficult Discussions
Yom Kippur Afternoon
While end-of-life discussions are never easy, planning ahead lowers stress when difficult decisions must be made. But even if we know what we want, we may not know how to initiate the discussion. Go Wish cards provide a way to start these discussions, by giving an easy structured way to figure out what is important to you and a way to talk with your family and friends about how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill.
During the Yom Kippur afternoon break, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, committee members will be available with copies of the Go Wish Game to demonstrate how you can use the cards to identify your values.

“Turning Our Faults into Positive Attributes”
Yom Kippur Afternoon
All are welcome to join Rabbi Aron in this conversation at 1:30 pm, during the break between the Yom Kippur morning and afternoon services. Learn how Jewish tradition can help us transform each of the “seven deadly sins” into positive motivations for our behavior in the coming year.


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