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  1. Please fill this application out as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a family. If two separate individuals, in separate households, wish to inscribe the name of the same individual, please coordinate your applications and your contributions. Print as many copies of the form as you need.
  2. PLEASE complete as much of the personal contact information as you can. This will facilitate our ability to reach you if we have any questions about your application.
  3. Space limits us to 27 letters and spaces for the inscribed name. It is possible that periods and commas will count as a half-space in some instances. Use one box for each letter and space and write clearly.
  4. We are using standard American usage for the dates of birth and death, that is: Month (spelled out in full), day, and year (4 spaces). If you wish to use the Hebrew calendar for your dates, we will use standardized spelling for the months (see FAQ). If you do not know the Hebrew date but wish to use it, please note that in the designated box and we will use a conversion calendar to convert the western calendar date to the Hebrew date, or you may use the calendar conversion tool. Please note that the time of day makes a difference in this conversion as the Hebrew day begins at sunset and the civil day begins at midnight!
  5. We are planning to place all the names listed by one donor on one application form adjacent to each other, limited only by space availability. If you want names kept separate, please use a separate application form for each.
  6. Please make out your check to Congregation Shir Hadash, and mark the Memo line: Memorial Garden Center. We need the check to accompany the application, or you can use our convenient credit card option to make your donation.
  7. Please record the relationship of the inscribed name to you, i.e.: is this person your mother, father, spouse, son, friend, etc.
  8. If you have questions about the wall, please review the FAQ we have prepared for you.
  9. You do not need to identify a specific name for a space you are reserving. Reserving a space now allows you to hold a location on the Memorial Wall. Spaces and names submitted together on one form will be grouped together.

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