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Board of Directors

One of the founding principles of Shir Hadash was that it should be an open, participatory and democratic organization. Our current structure and method of operation still reflect those ideals. The Congregation operates under a set of bylaws and is governed by an elected Board of Directors

President   Naomi Parker
President-Elect   Joy Spodick
Vice President, Administration   Aaron Feigin
Vice President, Religious School   Sara Ellman
Vice President, Fundraising   Trista Bernstein
Secretary   Zachary Green
Treasurer   Sheldon Gilbert
CSH in the World   Nancy and Robert Mastman
Ritual   Ruth Saldivar
Adult Education   Itzik Nir
Member-at-large, Communications   Kristin Johnson
Member-at-large, Youth Groups   Ivy Chesser
Member-at-large, Membership Engagement    Sara Mintz
Member-at-large, Membership Recruitment   Rebecca Ross
Member-at-large, Preschool   Meiko Bauchman
Member-at-large, Men's Club   Rich Zbriger
Member-at-large, Sisterhood   Fern Herman
Member-at-large, Legal   Carol Gutstein
Senior Rabbi   Rabbi Melanie Aron


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