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Campaign 36


20/20 Vision: Campaign 36

The leaders of the Campaign Team are proud and excited to be sharing this update. Proud of our vibrant, forward-thinking community. Excited to be part of the team eliminating the mortgage we have had since the 1980s. Thanks to the project approved by the Board of Directors during Irv Olender’s presidency, we are two-and-a-half years into a campaign to pay off the $1.8 million mortgage and interest that incurs. While it is hard to wax poetic about something as mundane as a mortgage, we’re thrilled to say that, in two-and-a-half years’ time, we have:

• Reached out to more than 150 families who have said, “yes, count me in.”

• Received pledges of more than $1,180,000 and cash of more than $1,018,000.

• Seen our principal balance drop to $957,000 as of 10/31/18, vs. $1.5 million on 10/31/17.

• Seen our goal of being debt free by 2020 becoming a reality.

These results demonstrate that our congregation is committed to sustainability—making philanthropy a priority and acting with fiscal responsibility.

Imagine! No fundraising item in our budget for operational expenses.

Imagine! Being debt free.

Imagine! Raising funds for a purpose vs. supporting interest payments.

Imagine! Having more freedom to focus on enriching our programs and our community.

Our outreach continues. We are counting on your support. Stuart Katzman, Gretchen Sand Preville, Dawn Gringorten, Trista Bernstein, Naomi Parker, Joy Spodick, Eric Stone, and Rabbi Melanie Aron are leading this campaign, with the commitment of the Board and the professional staff. We are counting on you to talk with us. Together, we can make the mortgage a piece of history. Eager to do your part? There is no need to wait for a contact from the Committee. Please email Eric Stone to request that a Campaign Team member contact you.

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