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Hebrew Tutoring Program

The Hebrew Tutoring Program is a new alternative to our regular Hebrew School program. It consists of weekly 30-minute Hebrew sessions during the school year, taught by Hebrew School faculty here at Shir Hadash. Families schedule a regular tutoring appointment at the beginning of the year and commit to attending each week. Families also commit to attending 10 selected Shabbat services during the year. Tuition is $1500 for the year and is paid to Shir Hadash.

What will the curriculum be? How will student progress be tracked and assessed?
The curriculum will follow the sequence of the prayer curriculum of the Hebrew School Program. The primary materials will be Hineni prayer packets, published by Behrman House. As with Hebrew School, students will be assigned regular homework and reading practice. Teachers will keep detailed notes on each student and regularly assess their progress. There with be a year-end written and oral assessment. Students will participate in an annual Shabbat service with other students in their grade.
What happens if I need to miss an appointment?
Please let us know as far in advance as possible. We will try to reschedule the session during the same week. If a student repeatedly misses or needs to reschedule appointments, we may discontinue their enrollment in the Hebrew Tutoring Program and return them to the regular Hebrew School program.
Can I, or a relative or friend, just tutor my child myself? Can the tutor come to my house?
No. The student must be enrolled in the Hebrew Tutoring Program, taught on site by a Shir Hadash faculty member using our curriculum and materials. However, if you know someone who is qualified to be a faculty member, we welcome your referrals!
What if we need to return to Hebrew School part way through the school year?
While we expect students to remain in the Hebrew Tutoring Program for the whole school year, we recognize that circumstances change and that a family may need to return to the Hebrew School Program. We will refund the tuition on a pro-rated basis on a case-by-case basis.
Is financial aid available for the Hebrew Tutoring Program?
We feel strongly that Jewish education should be affordable to all families, and financial aid is available for our excellent Hebrew School Program and our the Hebrew Tutoring Program.
How do I enroll?
Check “Hebrew Tutoring Program” on the application form. That’s it!

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