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Shir Hadash welcomes all members of the Jewish Community.

Since 1997, when Ellen Degeneres first came out on television, and Congregation Shir Hadash joined other local liberal congregations in advertising that, “Ellen, You Can Worship With Us,” Congregation Shir Hadash has been active in the area of LGBT inclusion. Throughout our history we have affirmed the welcome to all members of the Jewish community and been sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community. Some examples of how Shir Hadash supports this community include:

  • A commitment to hiring clergy and other leadership without regard for sexual orientation.
  • A change in all of our forms and processes to include all kinds of families.
  • Over a decade of support for the Marriage Equality and marriage ceremonies in our sanctuary.
  • Inclusion of members of the LGBT community in our services, committee’s and activities.
  • A Gay/Straight Alliance group for our teens that meets periodically.
  • Invitation to participate in the South Bay’s Annual Jewish Pride Shabbat.

Join us for the annual dinner in the Sukkah for our LGBT Family, Friends, and Allies, a longstanding tradition at Congregation Shir Hadash.


Two highlights of the year for our LGBT community are the Sukkot gathering and the Pride Shabbat. Our Sukkah gathering includes a special outreach to family, friends, and allies, and has been a source of support to families as their young people self-identify. It is a wonderful multigenerational event with grandchildren and grandparents, reflecting the age diversity of our LGBT members, who range from teenagers to retirees.

Congregation Shir Hadash founded the South Bay Gay Pride Shabbat. The congregation also supports the South Bay LGBT Havurah and has participated in World AIDS Day commemorations. For more information or questions, contact Rabbi Melanie Aron.

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