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The Shir Hadash Library is a collection of adult and children’s materials by Jewish authors or that have a Jewish theme. Included are a wide range of topics such as:

Bible, Jewish Thought, Midrash, Jewish Liturgy, Kabbalah, Life Cycle Events, History, Biography, Fiction, Travel, Cooking, Art, Parenting, and Feminism

Reference materials include Jewish encyclopedias and other resources covering the Bible and Talmud.

Our online catalog is at Over 1200 items from our collection are currently listed on this website.

Use of Library

Our facility serves the members of Congregation Shir Hadash as well as those taking a class at the temple.

The library is open whenever the Temple buildings are open. Please feel free to come in and browse our collection.

Please sign out any books that you are borrowing. Circulation cards are located in the back of each book. Please write your name and phone number legibly on this card and leave the card in the box provided.

Books may be borrowed for a period of two weeks.

Donations & Volunteer Opportunities

If you have books you would like to donate, please first send Temple Librarian Harriet Wolf a detailed list of the items, providing author, title and year of publication. We have a limited amount of space and therefore must be judicious in our acquisitions. We accept books by Jewish authors or that have a Jewish theme. Books may be added to the library provided the item is in good condition and we don't already have them in our collection.

Please DO NOT drop off books without checking with the librarian first.

There are opportunities to preview and review new books for this webpage, and to staff the library before and after services and on Sundays during religious school hours.

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