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Religious School Mission & Values


The Congregation Shir Hadash Religious School engages students and their families in Reform Jewish life, learning, and values.


The Congregation Shir Hadash Religious School strives to foster lifelong Jewish learning and commitment to a thriving Jewish community.

Core Values

  • Community (Khila yehudit) — We create an environment that fosters lifelong bonds to the Jewish community.
  • Respect (Kavod) — We will create a religious school climate that fosters respect for all. We believe Shir Hadash must be a safe place physically, emotionally, and spiritually for students, teachers and parents.
  • Relationships (Yechasim) — We value a creative and nurturing environment in which students can develop relationships with other children and adults.
  • Knowledge (Ma’da) — As reform Jews, we value transferring of knowledge of Judaism and the Hebrew language to our children in an environment that encourages discovery and questioning.
  • Service (Tikun Olam and Tzedakah) — We believe that it is through Tikun Olam that Judaism becomes relevant. Community service and Tzedakah will be integral components of the educational program.
  • Partnership (Shutafut) — We believe that our success is dependent on a committed partnership between the family, the religious school, the greater Jewish community, and Israel.
  • Quality (Aichut) — We strive for the highest quality educational program with continuous evaluation and improvement.
  • Responsibility (Achri’ut) — We expect decision making and meaningful responsibility of parents, students and the school.
  • Prayer (Tefilah) — We value the participation in and understanding of personal and communal Tefilah.
  • Inclusion (Tzelem Elohim, near image of God) — We recognize the value of all students and constantly strive to accommodate different learning styles.

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