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Healthy Living Fair

The Annual Healthy Living Fair

Congregation Shir Hadash, in conjunction with many other community service, health care and religious organizations, produces the annual Healthy Living Fair. The fair provides services to underserved and/or uninsured families. Sevices include medical and dental screening, care, and care referrals.

Only a participant can capture the essence of this wonderfully diverse and worthy endeavor. The entire success of this program is dependent upon the generous volunteer support of our members, with over 200 individuals each year.

Volunteer signups for the 2019 program, which will take place in Gilroy on Sunday, April 7, are now open!

The primary purpose and overriding goal of the Healthy Living Health Fair 2019, as with our past thirteen health fairs, is to provide needed healthcare services and educational information to a large population of low-income, multi-ethnic, medically underserved people.  We focus on bringing much needed dental and vision services directly to the site site through our generous providers in addition to emphasizing on prevention through screening, education, enhanced awareness, early detection, and health promotion. This year we will be providing these services at St. Mary Parish, 11 First St, Gilroy.

Partner organizations donating volunteers and/or expertise to this event include St. Mary Parish, Congregation Emeth, Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, the Lions Club, the Vision Service Plan, OnSite Dental, Santa Clara County Dental Society and Santa Clara County Optometric Society.

We are grateful to Tabard Theater, Kaiser Medical Foundation, Anthem Foundation, Gilroy Rotary Club, Health Trust, UFCW Local 5, as well as Congregation Shir Hadash donors for their generous contributions.















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