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High Holy Days

About Our High Holy Day Services

Community members and congregants of all ages celebrate the High Holy Days through our thoughtful array of programming and services available for each age group. Our inclusive High Holy Day location includes an available crying room that is an option for nursing parents to be able to experience the music and sound of the services while caring for their little ones in a comfortable environment. Potty-trained children have on-site High Holy Day babysitting available, and school-age children as well as teens have engaging, age-appropriate religious school activities specific to observing the high holy days.

Community Passes for High Holy Day Services

For information about registering and purchasing your community passes for non-members and guests, please contact the office at 408-358-1751 x0 or We welcome you to join us! Security considerations require us to ask everyone to present a community pass to the ushers for each service.

All congregation members receive High Holy Day community passes with their membership, and community members are able to purchase a community pass and join us. We also offer special community pass access through temple reciprocity and young adult and military access programs, so please contact us for more information. We want our High Holy Day services to be accessible to you! Contact us to find out more.

High Holy Day Program Details

  • Main Services (community pass REQUIRED)
    • Held at Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga
    • Babies and Toddlers: A crying room is available for young families with nursing babies or young children who are not toilet trained, where they can experience the music and sounds of the service in a supportive and comfortable environment.
    • Young Children: Babysitting (for a small fee - advance registration required) is available for toilet-trained children. Each child must bring a vegetarian sack lunch.
    • School-Age Children, Parallel Religious School Program: Students will enjoy a rotation of age-appropriate prayer, art, drama, and other activities during Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur morning services. Each student must bring a vegetarian sack lunch. Children should be nicely dressed for holiday services. There is no charge for this program, but children must be registered to attend.
    • Teens, Parallel Teen Program: Special programs for grades 6–12 will be held during the Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur morning services. Students are invited to leave the sanctuary for a teen-specific discussion program designed for this age group. Students return to the sanctuary in time for the reading of the Torah.
    • Remote digital access to a live video stream of the service is available while the services are occurring.
  • Family Services (no cost, community pass not required, open to all)
    • Held at Congregation Shir Hadash in Los Gatos
    • Held in the afternoon, these energetic, song-filled services for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur are aimed at ages 2-6. Imagine High Holy Day services in a room full of families with young kids. We sing and tell stories, and no one minds if your kids make some noise and have the wiggles.
    • Open to everyone in the community - there is no cost, and advance registration is not required.

Order Prayer Books

While a few loaner prayer books are available at High Holy Day services, we sometimes run out, and sharing is needed. Please consider ordering your own set of prayer books to bring with you for High Holy Day services. Order extra prayer books from the office at (408) 358-1751 x0 or

Public School and High Holy Days

Keeping your children out of school on Rosh  HaShanah and Yom Kippur can be an important part of their Jewish identity formation. It can also be a sign of Jewish self-respect and solidarity. Please contact Rabbi Aron or Rabbi Schwartz if you would like to talk about this decision. If any issues come up for your children regarding missing school on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, contact Rabbi Aron or JCRC Director Diane Fisher at (408) 357-7504.

S'lichot - introduction to the High Holy Days

At Shir Hadash we precede S'lichot with a special program of community interest and a social time with honeycake and other snacks. Every other year we put a character of Jewish significance "on trial" in an interesting and engaging analysis of important characters and their lives and deeds. So far in our "trial verdicts" in recent years, Jacob, David and Eve have all been found "not guilty" by the event attendees.

S'lichot is enjoyable for everyone, but especially if you've never been to High Holy Days before, consider coming to S'lichot. This short, moving service introduces highlights the themes of the season in prayer and music. Check our calendar for date and time, or  contact the office.

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782