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Memorial Garden

The Shir Hadash Memorial garden offers members a permanent way to honor the memory of loved ones. Designed by artists Richard Deutsch and Larry Kirkland, the garden is a beautiful, serene, outdoor space featuring a spiral walkway, lovely garden spots and elegant curved granite walls. The garden is designed to be a tranquil oasis where families come to quietly reflect and remember loved ones.

Names of loved-ones are normally engraved twice a year. On Sukkot and Shavuot, following the Yizkor service, a special ceremony is held in the memorial garden. In addition to the reading of psalms and prayers, families are given the opportunity to share memories of those loved ones whose names have recently been inscribed on the memorial garden walls.

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A candle, a prayer, a stone left behind on a headstone, an act of tzedakah, quiet meditation. Each of us remembers and honors the passing of a beloved family member or friend in our own personal way.

However, each of these actions is transitory, lasting throughout the period of mourning and then only on the anniversary of the passing of those people who were so dear to us. Throughout the years, many members of Shir Hadash have made and continue to make donations to various funds within the congregation to celebrate the life of those who had died. Yet some members want something more, something more permanent.

Now, Shir Hadash has a new, permanent way to honor the memory of those you loved. It is a beautiful, serene, outdoor space called the Memorial Garden. This beautiful space with its spiral walkway, lovely garden spots and elegant curved granite walls will be dedicated to preserving, honoring, and celebrating the lives of family and friends.

This project began several years ago when a few volunteers from the congregation decided to investigate the establishment of a dedicated space to acknowledge the yahrzeits for family, friends and generations past. This group developed a plan to create a dedicated Memorial center to serve the congregation for generations to come.

A national search was conducted to find an artist who understood our vision as well as had a feeling for the meaning and spiritual aspects of this project. Internationally known artists, Richard Deutsch and Larry Kirkland, developed the beautiful concept pictured here by conducting focus groups with congregants as well as conversations with Rabbi Aron and the members of the Ritual Committee. The Bookey/Lettween families have generously donated funds to build this beautiful addition to our Temple grounds.

Now that the congregation is approaching its 25th anniversary, we wanted to make a gift that would become a lasting part of the heritage of Shir Hadash. The Memorial Garden will give us an additional way to remember our family and friends who are no longer with us.Family has always been important to us. And because our parents and grandparents resided in Iowa, this will give us a place to keep their memory alive. The outdoors and nature have always been a significant part of our lives. Our families hope the members of the congregation will find the Memorial Garden a place of beauty and tranquility where they too can meditate, pray or simply remember their loved ones.


The elegance, simplicity and tranquility of the final design has surpassed the hopes of all involved. We hope each of you agrees and finds meaning in choosing to memorialize the names of your loved ones by purchasing a space on a stone on this wall.

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