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Youth Leadership

Madrachim (Teacher's Assistants)

One of the best aspects of our religious school and Hebrew school program is our madrichim, our teacher's assistants.  These teens spend their Sunday mornings, or Monday or Tuesday afternoons, in our classrooms, assisting our teachers in executing lesson plans, helping with classroom management, and most importantly, serving as a role model to our younger students. 

“Madrich” (m) or “Madricha” (f) means “guide”. Madrichim (plural form) support our Religious School by serving as teaching assistants in the classroom or working in other school capacities. Our Madrichim program offers 7th-12th grade teens the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, to increase self-confidence, express Jewish values, and learn practical teaching skills by assisting teachers in the classroom. 

Madrichim take a course with Rabbi Schwartz as a prerequisite of the program, where they learn about teaching strategies, lesson planning, and different learning styles.  Learn more about this program by contacting Rabbi Schwartz.

Youth Group Board

Smiling youth group board members in matching madrachim shirts.Our eight-person youth board meets periodically, develops leadership skills and experience, and has a say in how the programs for teens will be run each year! Learn more about this program by contacting Rabbi Schwartz.

Sat, March 6 2021 22 Adar 5781