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3-4 Years Old: Little Bear and Rollie Pollie Classes

Our mixed age classes

learn through play with art, nature, music, and more!

Children enrolled in our Grasshopper, Rollie Pollie, Little Bear, and Dragonfly classes are 2.75-4.5 years old. 

These classes are mixed aged groups. This means your child will be learning and growing alongside classmates with a variety of skill levels. Mixed age groups are a more natural learning environment, mimicking those found in families and neighborhoods. The variety of skill levels help stimulate everyone’s growth-older children have a chance to be leaders, social and language skills increase, self esteem can be boosted, and children may challenge themselves to take (safe) risks they might not otherwise.

Consistency of Care:

When children start in one of these classes, they are with the same teachers for two years.  We call this consistency of care. The children are not introduced to new teachers the following year and the teachers know the children in their group very well.  

Often in early childhood programs, it takes 6 weeks for everyone to get to know each other and settle in to a routine. When a child is enrolled in a class with a consistency of care program, that settling in time disappears and the work and play of the classroom doesn’t skip a beat.   


From Our Teachers:

“I am so grateful to work at a school that allows me the freedom to create an environment and curriculum customize to each child’s developmental, physical and social needs.”

-Grasshopper Teacher

“My ultimate goal as an early childhood educator is to help create kind and caring people. I feel I’ve done my job when one student cares for someone who’s hurt, or helps a struggling peer problem solve.”

-Little Bear Teacher

“Having the same group of children for 2 years really allows us to get to know the children and families well. The classes form meaningful relationships and our learning is so much deeper!”

-Dragonfly Teacher

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