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Social Media Policy

As a Reform Jewish congregation, we view the use of blogs and social networks as a wonderful opportunity to connect with members of our diverse community. We also understand that many members of our staff use social media in their personal lives.

The following guidelines are designed to help synagogue staff members use social media mindfully and responsibly. Please keep in mind that your best guideline is common sense and respect. Your use of social media should only add to a positive sense of community within our synagogue and the world at large.


Protect Others’ Privacy

Posting pictures and videos from events is a great way to keep the community aware of the opportunities for fun and learning provided by our synagogue.

  • Protect those who may be concerned about having their image posted online. If possible, let adults know whether you plan on posting photos or videos of them on social media. Refrain from associating their photo with their full name or other personal information, and don’t “tag” them unless instructed to do so.
  • Our children need additional protection. Therefore, we ask that you post pictures of children from behind so that their faces are not identifiable. If you would like to post an identifiable picture of a child under 18, make sure you get permission from a parent first. Don’t post their name, location, or any other personal information about them.

Be Sensitive

As a religious organization, our staff has the honor of supporting our members in many different circumstances, some of which are very sensitive in nature. Please be mindful of others’ expectations and refrain from posting about them online.

Be a Positive Representative

The members of our congregation visit Shir Hadash on social media to receive information that reflects our values.

If you are posting on behalf of Shir Hadash, make sure your tone and your choice of posts reflects the positive, inclusive atmosphere we have created together. Your personal social media account is a more appropriate place to share your personal opinions and interests.

Be Respectful

Our synagogue respects the individuality of our members and their ability to express themselves through social media. That said, we expect your posts to reflect the respectful atmosphere we have created together for our congregation.

If you’re posting about the synagogue or its members on your personal account, please be mindful that your statements will be public and will remain that way for a very long time. If you work with children from our congregation, don’t post pictures of them on your personal account, and if you’re relating stories about or conversations with them, don’t include their names or other identifiable information.

A Few Quick Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do post insightful and engaging content about Judaism and Congregation Shir Hadash
  • Do post pictures and video that make congregation members aware of the opportunities for fun and learning Shir Hadash provides, with permission
  • Don’t post pictures of children without a parent’s permission
  • Don’t post personal information about congregation members
  • Do use a tone that reflects the positive, respectful, and inclusive atmosphere we have created together at Shir Hadash

Contact the Communications Board Member with any questions at For more information on using social media as a teacher or community leader, please visit this guide.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784