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Shir Sustainability - Archive of Past Events

PANDORA's Promise : Is Nuclear Energy the problem or the solution?

From February 2023

PANDORA’S PROMISE is a 2013 documentary (87 minutes) that looks at how our attitudes toward nuclear energy were formed and provides data and interviews to address concerns raised about including this resource in our plans to meet future energy needs. PANDORA’S PROMISE asks whether the one technology we fear most could save our planet from a climate catastrophe while providing the energy needed to lift billions of people in the developing world out of poverty.


The story of plastic

From November 2022: The Story of Plastic presents the issues caused by the proliferation of plastics in the products we use and the difficulties of disposing of them. 
In this panel discussion:
Monica Rosquillas of the San Jose Conservation Corps, Zero Waste Director 
Anoushka Tamhane, Climate Action California
Alissa Klar, Congregation Shir Hadash
California Senator Ben Allen
discuss what impact we can/cannot have on these challenges and how we can direct our efforts to make a difference.



From April 2021:  View the video recording of this presentation! Learn about investing with impact as Ron Phillips, Financial Advisor from Morgan Stanley, has a conversation with Lily Trager, Director of Investing with Impact for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Topics include: What is Impact Investing? How can you align your investments with your values? How has Impact Investing evolved over the years? Does being socially responsible mean that you must sacrifice performance?  

EV 101 (Electric Vehicles)

From March 2021:  This workshop covers all the basics you need to consider purchasing an electric vehicle, such as: battery range and charging basics, the difference between all-electric and plug-in hybrid EV's, leasing vs buying, applying for a rebate, and which model is right for you.

Ma'Alot Farms Tu B'Shvat Program

From January 24, 2021: Enjoy this Tu B'Shvat visit to Maalot Farms, a permaculture-based farmstead in the Los Gatos dedicated to Jewish and secular environmental education and community organizing focused on food justice.

In the video, Rabbis Philip and Shoshana Ohriner take us on a Zoom journey around their homestead, Ma'alot Farms, introduce us to some amazing trees and show us the fantastic amount of the life they nurture. This permaculture-based farmstead in the Los Gatos area is dedicated to Jewish and secular environmental education and community organizing focused on food justice. 

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