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Board of Directors

Meet Our Board

One of the founding principles of Shir Hadash is being an open, participatory and democratic organization. Our current leadership structure and method of operation still reflect those ideals.  We are strengthened when the diversity on our board grows - we encourage newer members and longtime members alike to consider leadership roles.

The Shir Hadash Board welcomes your input! We have twice-yearly congregational meetings where we actively request your participation and input, plus our ears are open year-round and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and input at any time - please reach out to us. Check the calendar or email our President to find out when the next congregational meeting will be held.

The Congregation operates under a set of bylaws and is governed by an elected Board of Directors:

President   Andy Altman
Immediate Past President   Joy Spodick
Vice President, Administration   Todd Mintz
Vice President, Youth & Family Engagement   Aviva Paul
Vice President, Philanthropy   Sue Saso
Secretary   Zachary Rayman
Treasurer   Dawn Gringorten
CSH in the World   Bonita Krasnopoler
Ritual   David Singer
Adult Education   Sharla Kibel
Member-at-large, Communications   Joyce Cordi
Member-at-large, Membership Engagement    Mia Newton
Member-at-large, Membership Recruitment   Liz Morali
Member-at-large, Preschool   Kim Gomez
Member-at-large, Men's Club   Howard Levine
Member-at-large, Sisterhood   Julia Sandelman
Member-at-large, Legal   Patricia Uro-May
Cantor (non-voting member)   Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy
Rabbi Educator (non-voting member)   Rabbi PJ Schwartz
Executive Director (non-voting member)    Gary Geller

We pride ourselves in working to ensure that our board is composed of newer members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, combined with longtime members bringing decades of experience and history. With a board leadership mixture reflecting many viewpoints then the board is best able to work toward the betterment of the entire Shir Hadash community.

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782