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Sustainability Current Events and Programs

Get a free Smart Thermostat or Smart Plugs and help end California blackouts!

Try out an induction cooktop.
We are members of Interfaith Power and Light.  Our south bay group just received a grant for 5, two-burner induction cooktops.  Shir Hadash will be getting one of these two loan out to congregants who want to try it before replacing their current stove top!  More information coming soon.  Live in the Sunnyvale area? The Sunnyvale Library also has induction burners that you can check out!

Water Conservation 2021 - Where Has All the Water Gone and What Can We Do About It?: Thursday, October 28, 7:30 pm via Zoom with Valley Water District 7 Director, Gary Kremen and Michael Potter. You’ve put aerators in your faucets, take shorter showers, wash full loads of laundry, watering your yard less. Still we are being asked to conserve more.  Join Shir Sustainability and Valley Water to better understand the problem and what we can do to make a difference, particularly after we’ve done the easy stuff and what to expect in the future.

Sustainability Zoom Meeting: Sunday, October 31, 10:30 am. Find out what is currently happening at Shir Hadash and help us plan for the rest of the year. Register here for the Zoom link. 

Sustainability Meeting and Product Fair: Sunday, November 14, 10:30 am.

In 2019, Californians threw away 6.7 pounds of trash every day, more than 2200 pounds every year, more than the weight of a subcompact car. These individual results are more than double the state's 2020 goal of 2.7 pounds per person per day. 

Join the Sustainability Committee on Sunday, November 14, in person and on zoom, to learn how you can reduce the amount of trash disposed of each day with a focus on replacing single-use plastics and more. New products are becoming available every day. This fun program will focus on ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

  • Learn how long it takes items to bio-degrade.
  • Alissa Klar will share products for each room in the home to replace single-use plastics.  Have a favorite product?   We want to hear your ideas. Bring it to share.
  • Learn about the “virtual closet” and resources to shape your clothes purchases.  Are you already a user of Thredup, Poshmark, Rent the Runway? Share your experience.
  • Share your favorite products or activities to reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Find out about resources to help you with your shopping.
  • Our display of products to replace single use plastics was a hit at the Back-to-Campus event. Join us to find out what you missed and more!

Register here for the zoom link. 

Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782