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Advocacy on Immigration

Our Sanctuary Project

Since 2017 the SHOC (Shir Hadash Organizing Committee) has been leading a project to assist asylum seekers and refugees in a variety of ways. In addition to coordinating services and support for asylum seekers and refugees who are living independently or housed by volunteering member families, Shir Hadash plans to take in a refugee who is in imminent danger of deportation and allow them to live in the Sanctuary building until their case is resolved through the court system. 

Video on Perseverence

Hear stories of perseverance from two women, Emelia and Suzzi, and their journey to gaining legal status in the United States. The film also highlights local Jewish volunteers, Linda and Marjorie, who offered housing and friendship to the refugee women. The goal of the filmmakers is to encourage folks in the community to get involved in helping refugees in their communities. 

Refugee selection criteria

Our criteria for considering taking in a refugee is that they must be an asylum seeker who is one person or one family of no more than 3 people. The refugee must be in the middle of the review process, have received a deportation order, and the case is deemed highly likely to be successful by the advocacy lawyers. In addition there must be a serious risk of persecution, incarceration or death if they return to their country because of their political views, sexual orientation, or the cultural group to which they belong.

Volunteers Needed!

Food, furniture, laundry and other personal needs will be addressed by volunteers, which means a large team effort. One of our partner congregations operates a shower truck for the homeless and has agreed to bring it to Shir Hadash several times a week for our guest to use. There are many volunteer needs for this sanctuary project to work - please sign up to volunteer by emailing

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