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Affinity Groups


Affinity Groups (AGs) are regular gatherings of 8-12 members in people’s homes, offices and other places that promote relationship building.  They are led by Group Leaders.  Some AGs connect around common interests and other groups gather to discuss topics of deep concern or importance to the lives of the participants.  
The idea to create the AGs developed directly out of listening to the needs of our members. Sometimes, we need the anonymity of our robust communal events.  Other times, we desire smaller settings in which to grow and share in the experience of being a Jew.  In truth, we need both the large and small gathering moments: to pray, celebrate and learn from our tradition AND to experience Jewish values in personal and relatable smaller settings, where we are seen for who we are, and where see others for who they are.
Small groups are not new to Shir Hadash: over the years we have had Havurot, Torah Study, Choir, Men’s Club, Sisterhood and much more.  What is new, however, is the structure and shared responsibility that we all shoulder in creating a more substantive web of relationships that make up our community and combine to create the Jewish world we hope to see for our future.  Therefore, the AGs become the intentional connections that we are making in order to inspire each other and transform ourselves and our world.

Basics of Affinity Groups

  • Topic-focused groups (gardening, cycling, crafts, hobbies, games, cooking, etc)
  • Meet once a month, for six months
  • Small groups of 12 or fewer people

New AFFINITY GROUPs - Coming soon!


Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783