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JET: Jewish Experiences for Teens (7th– 12th)



About JET: Jewish experiences for teens

Jewish teens want to form meaningful relationships with others, understand where they fit into the world, and be active participants in shaping a better future. Our JET program is designed to engage our teens through leadership, social action, and tradition, to provide opportunities for our teens to explore the multi-faceted nature of Judaism, and discover ways in which Judaism can serve as a guide as they navigate adolescents. JET is inspired by the work done by Dr. David Bryfman of the Jewish Education Project and his studies about Jewish teen engagement

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Our Curriculum 

seventh Grade

Those students who are preparing for B’nai Mitzvah have a special opportunity to connect to a wide spectrum of Jewish experiences and to live Jewish values as a community.  This marks a time in which according to Jewish tradition children become formal partners in shaping our society.  Our 7th grade curriculum helps facilitate each child's individual connection with Jewish tradition.  We will explore concepts such as mindfulness, ethics, social justice, environmental awareness, tradition, and innovation.

eighth-ninth Grade

One fact people across political divides today may still agree upon is that civil discourse is turning less and less civil. Indeed, the sheer lack of desire to try to understand those with opposing political opinions and to disagree constructively over critical questions is posing an existential threat to democracies around the world.

This challenging environment is particularly stressful and draining on adolescents as they navigate the tricky tension between forming an individual identity and a competing need for social belonging. 

In 8th and 9th grade, we will utilize Jewish texts and wisdom to increase people’s motivation and ability to understand and engage more constructively with opinions that differ from their own. We believe that this will result in improved personal relationships and civil discourse.

tenth Grade - Confirmation

Taught by our clergy, students in the tenth grade meet to explore Jewish issues and formulate their own individual perspectives on ethics and theology. They work with mentors from our congregational community and create their own Confirmation service. They will participate in Jewish experiences at Shir Hadash as well as in the broader Jewish community.


Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783