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JET: Jewish Experiences for Teens (7th– 12th)



JET (Jewish experiences for teens)

Jewish teens want to form meaningful relationships with others, understand where they fit into the world, and be active participants in shaping a better future. Our JET program is a combination of hands-on action opportunities for teens to put their Jewish values into direct action, social connection and friendship opportunities through our teen dinners held at each general JET session, and learning and growth in our JET classes. 

JET is inspired by the work done by Dr. David Bryfman of the Jewish Education Project and his studies about Jewish teen engagement. We acknowledge that Judaism is not one size fits all, and we want our teens to immerse themselves in a type of Judaism that is meaningful for them. It also offers an opportunity to meet and build community with other Jewish teens.

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JET Curriculum:

  • 7th Grade: we will be focused on a curriculum of Jewish Journeys, and stepping into a more adult understanding of tradition as part of preparing for B-Mitzvah here at Shir Hadash.
  • 8th, 9th, & 10th Grades: we will use the Machloket Matters curriculum from PARDES, as well as the Kulam educational programming from Moving Traditions. 
  • 11th & 12th Grade: Students in these upper grades can enroll in our JET in Action program and join the subset of JET nights where it is an action night with all the 7th-12th grade students across the school year.

The “JET in Action” nights will include collaborations with various nonprofit organizations across the year. Discussions are in the works to find out ways to best collaborate with organizations serving the homeless, supporting community members recovering from addiction, aiding those facing hunger, and more. If you have connections to a local organization with hands-on opportunities that you think might be a good candidate for a JET in Action night, please reach out to

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My teen has special learning needs. Can I enroll him/her? Yes.

We care about making our program as inclusive as possible for all students with a range of different needs. In Proverbs (22:6) we are told, ”Teach each child according to their own abilities.” We work hard to help all of our students to realize their fullest potential and skill level. Please be certain to complete the special needs section of the registration application. We will make every attempt to meet your child’s needs. Be sure to send copies of any IEP or 504 plans to If we are not able to accommodate your child, we will work with you to find alternative ways to strengthen your child’s Jewish identity. Please reach out to our Kulanu Admin at so that they can work with Rabbi Michael, you, and your child(ren) to ensure a meaningful experience in our program.

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