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JET: Jewish Experiences for Teens (7th– 12th)



About JET: Jewish experiences for teens

Jewish teens want to form meaningful relationships with others, understand where they fit into the world, and be active participants in shaping a better future. Our JET program is designed to engage our teens through leadership, social action, and tradition, to provide opportunities for our teens to explore the multi-faceted nature of Judaism, and discover ways in which Judaism can serve as a guide as they navigate adolescents. JET is inspired by the work done by Dr. David Bryfman of the Jewish Education Project and his studies about Jewish teen engagement. JET students select one of three learning tracks that allow them to engage in Judaism in a meaningful and relevant way to them.  

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Our Curriculum and Tracks

7th Grade

My Reform Judaism

The main theme of our seventh-grade curriculum is My Reform Judaism.  Reform Judaism affirms the central tenets of Judaism — God, Torah, and Israel — while acknowledging the diversity of Jewish beliefs and practices. Acknowledging that Judaism must change and adapt to the needs of the day to survive, Jewish tradition enables us to confront the timeless, timely challenges of our everyday lives. As such, students will grapple with the question, “How does Judaism have relevance and meaning in my life today?” 

Seventh graders will also participate in A Taste of JET (Jewish Experiences for Teens), where students will be exposed to the various learning tracks they can select from beginning in eighth grade.  

8th-9th Grade

JET Leadership

The JET leadership track is for those teens who have an interest in developing themselves as leaders in a Jewish context. JET leaders will develop the skills to lead within our congregational and Jewish community, whether it be on the SALTY Board or as a member of team madrichim. JET leaders will develop personal goals that will guide what and how they learn how to be the leader within.

JET Social Action

The JET social action track is for those teens who want to engage with activists, nonprofit organizations, and other teens who seek to combat social injustice in the community and worldwide. Using Jewish values and texts as the base, teens will be provided with the tools to make lasting change.

JET Traditions

The JET traditions track is for those students who elect to participate in the Moving Traditions co-ed program. This program creates safe spaces for teens to develop a strong self-concept and the social-emotional skills to navigate through life, recognize and resist sexism personally and in their communities, and experience Judaism and the Jewish community as personally relevant and meaningful. Sessions focus on topics such as healthy relationships, stress, belonging, and identity. The teens explore the issues through games, art, discussion, and by drawing on Jewish teachings.

10th Grade - Confirmation

Taught by Rabbi Schwartz, students in the tenth grade meet to explore Jewish issues and formulate their own individual perspectives on ethics and theology. They work with mentors from our congregational community and create their own Confirmation service. They will participate in Jewish experiences at Shir Hadash as well as in the broader Jewish community and also will have the opportunity to participate in one of the JET tracks as part of their study.

11th & 12th Grades - JET STUDY SERIES

Particularly geared for eleventh and twelfth graders, but open to all students, the JET Study Series takes place at various times throughout the year and provides an opportunity for students to grapple with contemporary issues in the Jewish lens. Session topics glean on current events and issues that society faces today, and also include support for those students preparing for college and figuring out how Judaism will play a role in their decisions.

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