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Shir Sustainability - Environmental Action Committee


About Shir Sustainability  

Background:  Members of the Shir Hadash community have been engaged in environmental action for many years, in different ways, working under the title “Shomrei Adamah” (Guardians of Earth) and “The Green Team.”

2020 Re-Brand:  In order to celebrate the work of Shomrei Adamah and the Green Team, Shir Hadash continues moving forward with sustainability efforts for both the Congregation and the Community. The group will re-brand as “Shir Sustainability” taking inspiration from the action items suggested by Hazon’s Seal of Sustainability for Jewish institutions.

Goals:  Shir Sustainability will be a committee composed of 5 action-based task forces in which congregant-participants identify actions and facilitate change. Each Task Force will have a lead congregant-participant who will report on their actions at regular, quarterly Shir Sustainability Committee meetings which will be reported through our publicity channels to the whole community. Each Task Force work will provide congregants in the whole community with insights, ideas, and education on actions we can take in key areas—personally and collectively—to improve our environmental sustainability practices to mitigate climate change and strive for a better world (tikkun olam). The Shir Sustainability Committee and its 5 Task Forces will educate, encourage, enable, and celebrate personal and collective sustainability actions.  

  • Facilities:  Participants will continually assess and investigate ways to ensure the Congregation’s indoor environments meet high standards of sustainability and efficient use of energy.

  • Food:  Participants will continually assess and investigate ways to ensure the Congregation’s food systems (such as Preschool food; Religious School Food; Oneg; CSA; etc.) meet high standards of sustainability.

  • Garden/Landscape:  Participants will maintain congregational outdoor green spaces (such as Preschool Garden; Religious School Garden; Memorial/Native Species garden; plum grove) and coordinate efforts with contracted landscaping crews to ensure Congregation meets high standards of environmental stewardship. Garden volunteers:

  • Political Action:  Participants will investigate ways for congregants to push for environmental policy change in their cities, state, and nation.

  • Transportation:  Participants will continuously assess and investigate ways to ensure congregants optimize sustainable transportation options (such as carpool opportunities; ride-shares; public transportation; group walks; bicycling; and electric vehicle charging) to and from Congregation events.


There are many ways to get involved in this Committee - lead a Task Force, participate in a Task Force of your choice, focus on collective congregation action, or focus on individual actions. 

If you would like to speak with one of the Committee Chairs to find out what would be a good fit for you, please email us at


Fri, January 15 2021 2 Sh'vat 5781