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Financial Obligations of Members

Important Membership Information

Membership Year: July 1 through June 30.

Our Congregation welcomes all members of the Jewish community and members of their households. As a non-profit, Congregation Shir Hadash is supported by the contributions of our members and fees for specific programs. Every member is asked to make an annual fair-share contribution.

Additionally, new members are asked to contribute to our Major Repair and Replacement Fund (aka Building Fund) during their first six years in the congregation. These donations are all considered tax deductible by the IRS. It is important to us that no one be excluded due to financial concerns. The quality of our programs depends on the support of our members. Our more able members are asked to be as generous as possible so that we can be generous to those of more limited means.

“As tiny scales join to form a strong coat of mail, so do many donations combine to form a large total of good.”   
— Rabbi Eliezer ben Pedat

Fair Share Contribution

Shir Hadash is a fair share congregation. Our income is based upon each member contributing to the congregation, based on ability to pay. Fair share at Shir Hadash is 1.65% of a family’s combined gross income (salary and investment income), with a voluntary cap of $7,500 per year. Members are asked annually to pledge their contribution for the year. We expect that as income increases, you will increase your annual contribution. At the same time, if your income is reduced, we understand that your fair share may also need to be reduced.

Major Repair and Replacement Fund (MRRF) aka Building Fund

In order to be prepared for large, unplanned expenses associated with maintaining our campus we ask new members to support the MRRF for the repair and replacement of major capital items within Shir Hadash facilities. These include installing new roofs, carpet, or HVAC repairs. The MRRF contribution is equal to one year's annual contribution over six years. For example, if a member’s fair share contribution is $1200 per year, their MRRF obligation is $200 a year for six years. This is in addition to the annual contribution.

Give Once

Our voluntary program for annual donations of $5500 or higher comes with some additional benefits. To learn more contact Executive Director Shanda Witkin.

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