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Shir Family Bingo


Shir Family activities for the New Year! With so many unique challenges facing our families and communities right now during the pandemic, we've created this fun safe way to be "together" while safely staying apart, with these at-home and with-your-household activities designed especially for families with children age 3rd grade and below.

Use the Shir Family Bingo Card (PDF) and all of the links to activity resources below for many fun and engaging family memories to start the new year off right.

How it Works

1. Download the Shir Family Bingo Card (PDF)Look at all the fun activities for your family to enjoy from now through September 30!

2. Many bingo squares in the PDF and in the online version below are a clickable link and will have a bonus resource as an option for completing the activity. Click the links to each activity and do the activity with your family! 

3. Complete 1 bingo row for a regular prize, or complete black-out (all rows) for a special bonus prize! Email by the September 30 deadline with a photo of your bingo card to earn your prize.

Shir Family Bingo Card Online

If you have any challenges using the PDF version of the bingo card, use the chart and links below:

  SH A N A H
Play a Jewish Game

Bake a Challah!
Donate tzedakah to an organization of your choosing Call or connect virtually with a friend from Shir Hadash
Map of Israel Craft
O Tikkun Olam Craft Eat apples and honey for Rosh HaShanah Go for a hike
Listen to "Dinosaur on Shabbat"

Make a Dinosaur Kippot
V Read a Jewish book with someone, even virtually! Make a Paper Plate Bird Feeder
Do a Mitzvah Sing the Havdallah blessings & do Havdallah
A Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Listen to "The Littlest Mountain" Mountain Craft Project (for after listening to "The Littlest
Use musical instruments (toys or handmade) and sing a blessing or  Do a car-selfie in front of Shir Hadash, drive up in your car and take a picture!
H Mail a Rosh HaShanah card to someone to wish them a sweet new year! Shabbat Candles
Shabbat Craft
Celebrate Shabbat virtually at one of our Shir Hadash zoom services Indoor Scavenger Hunt Find out your Hebrew name and it’s meaning, try decorating or coloring

Next Steps

Questions? Email Rabbi PJ Schwartz with any feedback on this activity, or to ask questions and learn more about our programs for young families. Help us with images for social media - you are welcome to send photos of your activities to for us to highlight on the website and our social media.

Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781